Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Small House and the Tiny House Concept

 Sarah Susanka  has been instrumental in helping to develop the idea of the Not So Big House; living large with less.  The movement has really taken off in the last decade and some folks are taking it even farther with abodes so tiny they can fit into parking spots.  I was browsing Houzz when I discovered this beautiful, well planned little home.  I think living this simply is quite beautiful.  You have all the shelter and comfort that is needed and it requires a little resourcefulness and creativity for the every day to day.  The only aspect of this living style that wouldn't work for me is having a family in such a tiny space.  But I do dream of owning a beautiful little mobile home after the children are grown that my husband and I can drive all over the country with and explore our spectacular country.  I am Bohemian on my father's side, afterall.

 I thought this camper was a particularly darling example of how one makes over a trailer into a beautiful little traveling retreat. So what do you think?  Would you live like this? Would you travel like this? xoxo Agnes