Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Honeymoon

It's almost five years with this dude.  Tack on another five years of dating and its a decade of the good times.  I was reminiscing about our wedding and honeymoon the other day.  We were married in Ojai, California which is where I was born and reared, old school style, and home schooled with six siblings.  And that was before homeschooling and big families were cool.

Actually I don't think the big family trend has really caught on yet (seven kids is a handful, bless my parent's hearts) but I no longer get the strange looks when I tell folks about my education.  It worked for us.  My parents are extensively educated and disciplined and nothing if not careful when it came to educating their kids.  Our home was the first built on the side of the mountain where I grew up and it is where my sister is going to have her wedding in a couple of months.  It is a place full of horse trails and we used to have so much fun exploring and traveling all around the mountain.  Having grown up near the coast I think I took the ocean for granted a bit but for our honeymoon, I was determined to finally experience the coast the way a travel guide intended.  We started in Ventura which is an ocean town a few minutes away from my parents home and worked our way through Santa Barbara.  We made sure to stop in Solvang, enjoy Santa Ynez and the wine country, saw the sights in San Louis Obispo and of course visited and stayed in Pismo Beach.  I remember an especially fun moment when we found Fat Cats on the coast and had breakfast.  I fell in love with San Simeon and had a lovely day trip to Hearst Castle.  One of my favorite resorts spots we stayed at was Carmel Valley Ranch.  Our trip ended in San Francisco and who doesn't love that amazing city?  All in all, it was a glorious week and was so simple and easy. Driving, talking, eating, relaxing.  I'd love to go back and revisit some of these spots and I am determined to stay in this retro airstream trailer on the coast in Big Sur.  xoxo Agnes


Amanda said...

That sounds like so much fun. My husband and I took a road trip for our honeymoon too, central Oregon to Reno across CA to Mendocino and back up to Oregon. I was so glad we did that instead of Hawaii or something.

Just out of curiosity, how long were you homeschooled for? I'm planning to homeschool my daughter. :)

KnockKnocking said...

All the way until college. Yip!